Men’s Libido Frequently Asked Questions and Libido enhancement Natural Medicines

Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the main factors causing low libido. But you can effectively increase your sex hormone levels and increase your libido.

The term libido means sexual desire, sex drive and is identified as the psychic, physiological and emotional energy associated with sex drive. Low libido is a common problem that both men and women suffer from today. There are many factors that cause low libido such as stress, depression and anxiety. By knowing all the risk factors and taking care of your health, by keeping your body healthy, you can effectively increase your sex hormone levels and increase your libido.

Libido FAQs

Ques: What causes low libido other than a lack of interest in sex?

Answer: There can be many other reasons such as stress, fear, boredom, lack of experimentation and the inability to go beyond one’s ideas about sex and intimate relationships.

Ques: Do natural herbal supplements help in increasing libido?

Answer: Yes, there are several herbs which are very effective in increasing your libido. The results will not come instantly but will show their effects slowly. Their advantage is that they are safe and cure low libido problems from the root.

Please tell me which herbs increase libido?

Answer: Some of the most well-known herbal remedies for increasing libido are Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris.

Herbs to Increase Libido

Yohimbe – Yohimbe works very well in increasing libido by promoting poor circulation which is clearly a major cause of sexual dysfunction.

Horny Goat Weed – It contains various flavonoids, sterols, polysaccharides and the alkaloid magnaflorine. It is popularly used to restore sexual desire, relieve fatigue, improve erectile function and reduce menopausal discomfort.

Tongkat Ali – Tongkat Ali is used to increase energy, improve overall physical and sensual performance and to reduce fatigue.

Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus Terrestris is a tropical vine that is common on sandy soils throughout India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and is used to increase libido.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified healthcare professional before starting any wellness program.